The next Ivy wedding can be truly special and be more perfect because of your work

We are building a community of the best, authentic wedding vendors to help serve the local wedding commerce everywhere. We think about this differently and seek to have a trust-based relationship. To ensure this, all our vendors are vetted, checked and thoroughly onboarded.

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Why be a vendor on Ivy?

Relationship that puts you first

We seek to be your partner first. No matter what your craft skills are, as long as it brings joy to people on their special day, we want to be by your side as you do this.

Simple, yet powerful tools

Being on Ivy means you have tools to manage multiple jobs like though they are projects. Keep track of milestones, miss no notes, due dates and stay on top of everything.

Fully supported all the way!

We look forward hearing from you for all your questions and comments and building a community of the best people, sharing their ideas and tips on making weddings everywhere even more beautiful and special.

Setting up your vendor account

Set up an Ivy account

It’s easy to set up an account. Describe your services, add details and photos highlighting your best work. Get a booking profile page to get more jobs directly.

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Respond to new jobs

With a new Ivy Vendor account, it means getting and managing jobs from couples getting married seeking your services. Get your job brief and every detail you need to deliver on the tasks.

Get paid faster

Ivy comes with its own payment system and you get direct deposits. It means you don’t have to deal with money directly and handling all conversations and payments.

Help when you need it

We’re committed to helping our vendors thrive, with support that they need to scale and grow. Talk to us any time.